ERCHA/NRCHA Futurity + Nations Cup 2018

ERCHA/NRCHA Futurity + Nations Cup 2018 Photo by Dead or Alive
September 09, 2018

The beautiful facility of HorseAcademy, owned by Daniel Straumann, in Mooslargue, France, hosted the Ercha /Nrcha Futurity and Nations Cup show, from the 7th to the 9th september 2018. The show resulted in a complete success, with a huge number of competitors, great horses, and exciting performances of the riders, coming from all over Europe to compete non only in the Special Event reserved to 3 and 4 year-old horses, but also in the Nations Cup, team and individual, and in the Ercha championship classes.

The show was entirely judged by Nrcha and Nrha professional Eugenio Latorre, and started on Thursday 6th to finish on Saturday 8th September with the thrilling Finals.

There were 19 entries in the Ercha/Nrcha Futurity, 11 riding for the Open title, 4 in the Limited Open, 8 in the Non Pro, and 6 in the Intermediate Non Pro Class, while only 2 riders were competing in the Novice Amateur section of the Futurity.

Grear job at this Futurity for Austrian rider Peter Trixner, leading all the Non Pro sections of the Futurity since the beginning of the show. Peter, who was riding his nice sorrel gelding Cr Tuff Lovin Cat, actually won two classes of the special event: the Novice Amateur and the Intermediate Non Pro. Unfortunately, due to a fall, the pair could not win also the Non Pro section, in which they were favourite being the leaders in the Go round (composite 213). The pair scored 72 in herd work, 68 in rein work, and topped the chart by scoring a sensational 73 in the Go round fence work. The horse was born in the States, by Woody Be Tuff x Cr Smart Little Kitty, and was shown as a finalist in the 2017 Cotton Stakes Futurity by Boyd Rice. Peter was absolutely grateful to his horse: ‘I met him in Texas’ told Peter after the show. ‘He was given back by his former trainer Boyd Rice as he was not too successful, and I was lucky to find him and this year he’s coming out to be a great show horse! We had such a great time here in Mooslargue: I really want to thank ERCHA for this absolutely awesome, fantastic and outstanding show!’

In the Intermediate Non Pro ranking, reserve honours went to Czech rider Vaclav Vacik, astride his powerful chestnut mare Silver Black Oakie, by Smartest Magician and out of Pushin Daisy, bred by Silverstone Ranch: the pair, who was Ercha Prefuturity 2018 Non Pro Champion, scored a composite of 208.5 (69 / 67.5 / 72).

In the Novice Amateur, Peter and his mate scored a composite of 287 (73 in the final boxing run), to beat nice swiss rider Elian Ggfeller, who placed second riding his beautiful palomino stallion The Magic Day, 4 year old by Mr Colonel Smart, a product of her breeding center (composite score 277.5).

The winner of the Non Pro Final of the Futurity was swiss rider Shirley Schalcher, riding her powerful 4 year old stallion DG Little Rey Merada (Roany Rey X Lenas Smart Merada, by Smart Little Lena): the pair performed all consistent runs, both in the Go round and in the final, gaining the top position with great determination up to a final composite score of 285! ‘ my dad and Eliane Gfeller found this horse for me, last year, at the Americana. The horse was trained and shown by Giovanni Campanaro in that occasion, We tried him and bought him!’ said Shirley after her win. ‘All I know about cow horse, I have learned from Christoph Seiler, my trainer! So, Christoph trained me, Giovanni trained the horse..and here we are: a perfect mix! What I like most about my horse, is that he knows his job! That’s a great thing for me. I never had such a trained horse, I have more time to think about what I should do, and that makes it easier. The best moment of the show: the herd work, because this time I managed to score good (71) and without missing a cow!’ laughed Shirley. ‘that is the hardest part for me: doing good in herd work was my biggest goal!’.

Reserve honours in the Non Pro section of the Futurity went to Vaclav Vicek and Silver Black Oakie (score 280.5).

Swiss professional Christoph Seiler was Ercha Nrcha Futurity Limited Open Champion, scoring a composite of 213.5 in the Go round, astride his Chics Smart Colonel, a 4 year-old stallion by Mr Colonel Smart. The pair also placed 5th in the Open raking, after the cow horse finals. ‘I am extremely happy that I won with this horse. I bred him, trained him, and he is the last son of one of our mares, who died recently, as she was 28 years old. He is a gift, and this was my plan, five years ago when I bred him: to win the Futurity with this horse. The fence work final was the best time in my show: the cow fit, he was really alive and willing to work, and it was just great fun!’ said swiss trainer and breeder after his win. Reserve honours in the Limited Open chart went to italian trainer Andrea Santini and Lil Merada Shiney (Cats Merada X Shiney Lil Squirt), owned by Tony Dual Pep. The pair scored a composite of 206.5 (72 / 62.5 / 72).

The fight for the Championship in the Open class was hard since the very beginning. In the end, Giovanni Campanaro, who had three horses in the final, scored a sensational 75 in the final fence work, to win the title of Ercha Nrcha Futurity Open Champion 2018, riding Hot As Wasabi (Little Dulces Rey X Whirlacat), a 4 year old sorrel mare owned by Giovanni Lagaren. The pair built up a score of 220 in the Go round (73 / 73 / 74) and ended up with a consistent 75 in the final run, for a total composite of 295. Giovanni also placed second astride Bet Command Rey (Dual On Command X Dots My Bet), owned by Green Mountain Quarter Horses, scoring 292.5.

Hot As Wasabi was born in the States and her owner bought her there, during a Sale, when se was 2 years-old. He brought her to italy and she has been trained by Giovanni since then. ‘SHe has been growing stronger since then, ans she kept winning more and more. This year we won both the Italian and the ERCHA Derby, because she is so constant and consistent. It was a hard job to win here in Mooslargue: there were some very good horses in the show, and I had three horses to ride. And when there are cows involved, you never know what may happen. Winning is always difficult!’ said Giovanni after the award presentation. ‘I love her: she is so constant, in every situation, every discipline: you ask, and she is there for you. She never leaves you. She is unique, simple, easy. Giovanni is much satisfied about is reserve champion horse: ‘He is a Dual Rey bloodline, I won the Ercha Futurity 2017 in Americana last year with him. He could have done better at the Derby also, but I made a mistake. He is awesome. Such a kind horse, despite his being a stallion. I also had a nice three year old mare (Spiderman By Night), and we placed 3rd’. It was just fantastic to be here with such three great horses to show!’. Giovanni shared the 3rd position with professional Samuele Poli, and Step Aristocrat Mr (by Tassas Aristocrat), owned by Matese Ranch. Both pair scored 292, just half a point behind the second position.


Another important step of the Ercha Show in Mooslargue was the Nations Cup competitions, both for the Team and Individual ranking. 24 riders coming from 7 different countries came in Mooslargue to represent their home country in this fantastic international show. There were 6 teams competing (teams could be made of a minimum of 3 to maximum of 4 riders. Only riders from the teams could compete in the individual show, plus the riders whose home country did not manage to have a team competing (such as SWEDEN).

After a thrilling competition, team ITALY won the gold medal, thanks to a total composite score of 657.5, built up by Samuele Poli Barberis (riding HighBrow Fletch), Markus Schopfer (riding Peptos Lil Bingo), Andrea Santini (riding ANS Wyatt Pep) and Roberto Marchi (riding Mr Max Hickory Lenas). ‘To represent our countries in such an international show is something completely different for us’ said Schopfer after the team win. ‘ Not only you ride for yourself, but you really want to do your best for your team. Our strategy was just that: doing the best we could, with the horses we were riding!’.

Great job in the Nations Cup for team Switzerland, grabbing the silver medal for just half a point from team France. The Swiss team was made by Elian Gfeller (Walla Dundee Whiz), Antoine Cloux (DW Ruby Thunder), Christoph Seiler (Chex Your Guns) and Shirley Schalcher (Big And Sweet BB). The Helvetian Team scored a composite of 642, surpassing Team France after the Fence Work.

The nice and competitive French team gained the Bronze medal thanks to a composite score of 641.5: the team was composed by William Coulomb (Surley A Peptocat), Franck Ayache (Doc Shining Ricci), Marine Richard (Arizona Jack El Gin) and Michel Escoffier (Sa Espresso Surprise).

Team Germany, determined to win after the herd work, got the 4th place in the end, with a composite score of 641: Armin Traub (Shooters Little Sun), Patrick Sattler (Tivios Prize), Phillip Martin Haug (Snapper Lil Bingo) and Sylvia Bate (Justa Little Slipper.

Team Czech Republic composed by Thomas BArta (Sugars Smartest Lena), Radek Holub (Chelsea Little Bar) Odrej Houska (MA Starfighter), Jiri Roubiceck (This Cat Light) gained the 5th position with score 627, while team Austria placed 6th, with score 551.5, having only three members riding: Hannes Winkler (PRF One Time Thunder), Peter Trixner (Chics Fluffed) and Nadine Hartman (Okleos Holi Gold).

In the individual Nations Cup competition, Samuele Poli won the Gold Medal, scoring a sensational 76 in the fence work, for a total composite of 223.5! ‘High Brow Fletch, is a 2009 quarter horse stallion, by Royal Fletch x Lil Sally Cat. I know him well as I showed him in the States in 2013, during the AQHA Junior Cow Horse in Oklahoma. Since then, we always won in the main show we took part in Italy: he was Hackamore Classic Open Champion 2014, Ercha Derby Open Reserve Champion 2014, and others. I prepared him for this Nations Cup and he really gave me such emotions. Down the fence he is so aggressive and athletic! Next year he will be at stud a our ranch’ said Poli after his run.

Silver medal went to multiple cow Horse champion pair: Markus Schopfer and Peptos Lil Bingo (Peptoboonsmal x Conchita Gay Bingo): the famous horse-and-rider combination was up to the public’s expectations: 72.5 in herd work, 73 in rein work, and 75 in fence work, for a total score of 220.5. ‘This horse is always so competitive’ said Shopfer after his run.

Bronze medal in the individual ranking went to German rider Armin Traub, riding Shooters Little Sun: the pair scored 72 in herd work, 71.5 in rein work and 74 down the fence.

The Show in Mooslargue represented the 6th Step of the ERCHA Championship, and featured all the series of ancillary classes eligible for the final ranking 2018.

In the Herd Work All Ages, italian cutting trainer Roberto Marchi riding Mr Max Hickory Lenas, owned by Carlotta Zigiotti, scored a sensational 75 to win both the Herd Work All Ages Open and regional, while French rider Jean Luc Renaud won the Non Pro astride RH Hesa Pepto Diamond, with score 72.

Markus Schopfer won the Novice Horse Open class  astride Achtung Baybe scoring 141.5, while Suisse rider Vera Walliser won the Novice Horse Non Pro with her Smooth Playin Woody, with score 135.

Schopfer won also the Open Hackamore class, with Master N Smoke, owned by Florian JR Morawitz: the pair scored 141.5.

Ercha launched a new class for less experienced riders during the Futurity show: the BOX-DRIVE-BOX class: in this section, riders have to perform boxing on one side of the arena, then drive gently the cow along the fence to the opposite short side of the arena, and then gently guide the cow back along the fence. This new ‘transition’ class has been introduced to help riders to pass from the boxing to the fence work in a softer way. The winner of the first edition of this class was young german rider LENI BArtman, daughter of Nrha and Nrcha professional judge Maik Bartmann, scoring 140.5 astride his Smart Little Theo. Leni and her nice paint horse also won the Novice Riders class scoring 145.5, and also the Non Pro Bridle Limited, with score 145.5, while Clara Marie Heinen won the Youth Novice riders with Mcr Highgenuineoakey: score 70.

Tomas Barta won the Open Two Rein classa stride Bricks Smart Player, scoring 144, while the Non Pro Two Rein was won by Vera Valliser and Smooth Playin Woody (Score 139).

In the Non Pro Bridle, the winner was french rider Jean Luc Renaud astride RH Hesa Pepto Diamond, with score 146, while the winner of the Open Bridle class was Samuele Poli Barberis with High Brow Fletch, owned by Samisa Ranch, with the top composite score of Working Cowhorse in the show: 150.50 (74.5 / 76).