NCHA Announces Changes To 2023 Run For A Million Earnings Classification

NCHA Announces Changes To 2023 Run For A Million Earnings Classification Photo by NCHA Release
September 29, 2022

FORT WORTH – In response to the feedback from NCHA membership and at the recommendation of event producer Taylor Sheridan, the National Cutting Horse Association announces that earnings from the 2023 Run For A Million cutting competition will no longer count for the Open world standings and will instead count towards horse and rider lifetime earnings.

This change was recommended by Sheridan and supported by Jay Winborn, NCHA executive director and the executive committee led by Ted Sokol, NCHA president, in an executive committee meeting held this week.

“I would like to thank Taylor Sheridan for his continued support of the NCHA and his understanding of how our association’s rules operate,” said Sokol. “Though we tried to make this opportunity work to benefit the 2023 Open World Finals, at this time, we couldn’t do what he had suggested, despite our best efforts. We were operating under stringent time constraints, and we did get a little ahead of ourselves with the initial decision, but Sheridan offered a solution that continues to benefit the membership as a whole through the 2023 Run For A Million cutting competition. This event presents a phenomenal opportunity to grow the sport, and we certainly did not want to miss out on it. Additionally, I would like to thank our board of directors for showing their involvement and staying involved in the proceedings of this association.”

The membership expressed strong opinions in support of the 2023 Run For A Million, but with opposition to the earnings counting towards the Open world standings, and the executive committee felt it was important to let the membership know their voices are heard.

“The opportunity to partner with Taylor at an event of this magnitude is a huge benefit for NCHA,” said Toddy Pitard, NCHA president-elect. “I had voted to do this because I was looking at the bigger picture and what this would do for new membership. Taylor heard our members loud and clear, and we did too. It was a win for our membership, and it was a win for NCHA. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions for things like this to happen, and I want to thank Jay Winborn for his leadership, and I want to thank Ted Sokol and our executive committee. This brought a lot of people together, and I think it is going to be a big benefit in the long haul.”

The 2023 Run For A Million cutting competition will be held in August of 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with additional event information forthcoming. Furthermore, the 2023 Open division world standings will remain unaffected by the earnings of this event, though all exhibitors and horses of all ages are still invited to compete at the qualifier event.

“The Run For A Million is a tremendous opportunity to put cutting on a new stage, and I want to thank Taylor Sheridan for this opportunity,” said Winborn. “Our membership is very passionate, and this decision lets the membership know they have been heard and we do have the best interest of the sport in mind. More than that, it gives us the opportunity to come together as we move forward towards this event and promote the cutting horse in a new way by sharing that same passion for our sport with a brand new audience.”

The Run For A Million cutting qualifier will be held at the 2022 Brazos Bash in Weatherford, Texas, from October 4 through 17. The entry deadline for the Run For A Million qualifier is today, September 29, 2022. 

“I see all the positives that this can do for our sport,” said Kim Cox, Brazos Bash show secretary. “I think change is a good thing, and especially the exposure that the Run For A Million is going to bring for our sport. I worked at the [2022] Run For A Million, and I took a video of how many people were standing in line to get horse trainers’ autographs. I’ve seen what it has done for other disciplines, and the fan reaction is phenomenal for people to get that excited about a horse show.”

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By NCHA Press Release