2024 Le Printemps Des Sports Équestres: CDI5* Fry Claims the Win

Charlotte Fry & Everdale Charlotte Fry & Everdale © PSV. J.Morel
April 28, 2024

One may lose a battle but win the war. Having finished second in the Grand Prix Cheval TV of the CDI 5* competition at the Printemps des Sports Équestres, Britain's Charlotte Fry, currently the world number three in her discipline, won the Grand Prix Freestyle to music, sponsored by the Île de France region, and presented by Cheval TV. Riding her stallion Everdale, the twenty-eight-year-old reigning world champion, regained the top step of the podium ahead of her main challenger, Dutch rider Emmelie Scholtens, who closed in second place with Indian Rock and whose horse was undoubtedly a little less precise than that of her British rival. In third place, France's Pauline Basquin put in an impressive performance and confirmed the consistent results obtained with IFCE Sertorius de Rima Z in recent weeks.

Charlotte Fry (GBR) - 82.340 with Everdale
"Yesterday, Everdale had too much energy. He was probably overly enthusiastic. Today, he was much more relaxed and focused, which I think enabled us to perform a good routine. It was good to get back in the arena and feel him relax. I'm really happy to have won this Freestyle Grand Prix in Fontainebleau again, after our victory here last year. I really like this competition, it's really well organised and the atmosphere is particularly warm. 
"Glamourdale is doing very well. We have kept him back for the outdoor season and he was set aside for his job as a stallion this winter. He will be back in action in a few weeks' time to prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games."
Emmelie Scholtens (NED) - 81.815 with Indian Rock
"I have really enjoyed this 5* competition at the Printemps des Sports Équestres. In yesterday's Grand Prix, I really had a great feeling on Indian Rock. Today, he was perhaps a little more tired, but that happens with horses (smile). Overall, I'm obviously delighted with my weekend here in Fontainebleau."
Pauline Basquin (FRA) - 79.890 with Sertorius de Rima Z IFCE
"I'm delighted too. Sertorius has shown great consistency over the last few competitions. Today, he was very focused again, easy to ride and very much in step with me. I'm very proud of him; he always gives his best for me in the arena."
Raphaël Saleh, Chairman of the Ground Jury
"We saw that the horses worked really well with their riders. In addition, you could see there was a general improvement in the standard. That is very positive in the run-up to this year's major event, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games."
Jean Morel - Head of Selection and Manager of the French Dressage Team
"We decided to start our Olympic selection process here at the CDI 5* competition of the Printemps des Sports Équestres. The conditions here are the same as those we will find in Versailles. It was a tricky competition to ride, with wind and moving flags; so, it was really valuable, because we were able to observe how the horses behaved. Pauline (Basquin, [editor's note]) is increasingly consistent in her performance and in terms of points; she is performing as well in the Grand Prix as in the Freestyle to Music. She doesn't make mistakes any more. Now, it's a question of seeing how we can pick up some extra points. The selection race has just started; at the Printemps des Sports Équestres, we managed to have five riders in a CDI 5* competition; that's really important, and it's not often the case."
Sylvie Robert - President of GL events Equestrian Sport, organiser of the Printemps des Sports Équestres
"First of all, I'd like to thank the International Equestrian Federation, the French Equestrian Federation and all the partners who have been working with us at this Printemps des Sports Équestres. This year, the event served to prepare the teams for the equestrian events at the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. This CDI 5* event, sponsored by the Île-de-France region and presented by Cheval TV, was one of our competition's key tests; we welcomed many Olympic riders, in particular the French riders who are in contention for the final Olympic selection, as well as some of the ground jury who will be officiating this summer in Versailles, including Raphaël Saleh, who will be the president of the jury. There was a huge crowd at Fontainebleau this morning and we are obviously delighted that we had the occasion to present top-level dressage in such excellent conditions."

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By Press Release/Eloïse Lépine