2022 NRHA Top Twenty Professionals, Non Pro, and Owner Results Are In

Shawn Flarida Shawn Flarida Photo by NRHA Press Release by Carolyn Simancik
January 12, 2023

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is thrilled to announce the Top 20 Standings list for the 2022 year in each sector—Professionals, Non Pros, and Owners. NRHA’s Top 20 program is designed to feature the talent of the association’s top riders and owners each year. These frontrunners of each section are true representatives for the sport of reining in competition as well as in the industry day to day.

Along with the Top 10 World Standing Finalists, the NRHA Board of Directors will welcome all Top 20 Professionals, Non Pros, and Owners to the coveted awards ceremony to be recognized. This event will be held during the 2023 6666 NRHA Derby presented by Markel, which takes place June 13–25 in Oklahoma City. Members from around the globe will be invited to the event to enjoy an evening of fun, food, and recognition. The exact date of the event will be posted as the show schedule is confirmed.

The NRHA congratulates the following 2022 NRHA Top 20 Professionals, Non Pros, & Owners:
    1.    Shawn Flarida
    2.    Casey Deary
    3.    Fernando Salgado
    4.    Andrea Fappani
    5.    Matt Mills
    6.    Jordan Larson
    7.    Cade McCutcheon
    8.    Jason Vanlandingham
    9.    Trevor Dare
    10.    Craig Schmersal
    11.    Gabriel Borges
    12.    Jared Leclair
    13.    Abby Lengel
    14.    Grischa Ludwig
    15.    Duane Latimer
    16.    Bernard Fonck
    17.    Ann Fonck
    18.    Brian Bell
    19.    Martin Larcombe
    20.    Manuel Cortesi

Gina-Maria Schumacher


Non Pros
    1.    Gina-Maria Schumacher
    2.    Mandy McCutcheon
    3.    William Clutter
    4.    Indy Roper
    5.    Jack Medows
    6.    Chandler Winard
    7.    Tish Fappani
    8.    Jose Vazquez
    9.    Mariana Vazquez
    10.    Charles Wiederholt
    11.    Emma Vanlandingham
    12.    Francesca Sternberg
    13.    Lane Colston
    14.    Monica Hicks
    15.    Molly Morgenstern
    16.    Emily Opell
    17.    Taylor Zimmerman
    18.    Samuel Flarida
    19.    Christine Trautman
    20.    Ewald Rifeser

Arcese Quarter Horses USA


    1.    Arcese Quarter Horses USA
    2.    XCS Ranch LLC
    3.    Tim J. Anderson
    4.    Smart Like Juice Inc.
    5.    Tom & Mandy McCutcheon
    6.    Gilberto Leal
    7.    Tim & MaryBeth Ruckman
    8.    Devin K. Warren
    9.    Vaughn C. Zimmerman
    10.    Robert Santagata
    11.    Amy E. Medows
    12.    Clark Reining Horses LLC
    13.    Puno Performance Horses, LLC & Jody Puno
    14.    Jay H. Clutter
    15.    Katarzyna Roleska
    16.    Abby Lengel
    17.    George & Carol Bell
    18.    Casey & Kathy Hinton
    19.    Andrea & Tish Fappani
    20.    Neiberger Performance Horses, LLC

Congratulations again to all Top 10 mentioned, who continue to grow the sport of reining and represent the association to the uppermost standard. The official results list can also be seen here.

By NRHA Press Release