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Fernando Salgado & Xtra Wimpy It Good Fernando Salgado & Xtra Wimpy It Good Photos by 100X Reining Classic / Chelsea Schneider Media
September 04, 2023

Fernando Salgado shared that his lifetime goal was to surpass a 230 score, and on the final day of competition at the 100X Reining Classic, he achieved it. Salgado and Xtra Wimpy It Good won the Elementa Open Derby Level 4 and North American Reining Stakes Open Derby Open Level 4 with a score of 231.5.

“This is the last time I’ll show him this year, and this is my personal high score,” said Salgado. “So we are just ending on a high note and I couldn’t be any happier.”

Xtra Wimpy It Good is a 6-year-old stallion by NRHA Twelve Million Dollar Sire Wimpys Little Step out of Lovin Me Good, owned by Salgado himself, who is a NRHA Million Dollar Rider. Today’s win will add $39,860 to those earnings.

From here, Salgado will be giving the stallion the rest of the year off, before honing on his goal of winning either the National Reining Breeders Classic or the NRHA Derby in 2024. He thanked his team for making meeting this goal and the setting of the next one even possible.

NARS Open Derby Open Level 3
Elementa Open Derby Level 3
Kole Price & Ice Face
Winning the North American Reining Stakes Open Derby Level 3 & Elementa Open Derby Level 3 is NRHA Million Dollar Rider Kole Price and Ice Face. They scored a 227.5, which was also good for fourth place in both derbies, bringing the pair’s total earnings to $29,342.

Ice Face, a five-year-old gelding by NRHA Million Dollar Sire SG Frozen Enterprize out of Dun Painting My Face, is owned by Tina Bellini who Price said “absolutely loves that horse.”

Price enjoys him too; Ice Face is a little “timid,” Price said, but he likes that in a horse. His biggest challenge in getting Ice Face ready to show was just building his confidence.

“I never put him in a situation to be wrong,” shared Price. “That way I didn’t have to scold him… If he got scared or worried, I just brought him back somewhere where I could get his brain connected to me. I never tried to put him in a situation where he couldn't look to me for help.”
Price only trains on him three or four days a week, and sometimes he just puts a hackamore on him and rides him. Still, Ice Face surprised him a little with his performance in the Open Derby.
“He was maybe better than I had expected. I just didn't know,” recalled Price. “But after my first lead change, I was like, okay, he’s hooked in and he feels really good. So he was a lot of fun.”

NARS Open Derby Open Level 2 Co-Champion
Elementa Open Derby Open Level 2 Co-Champion
Samuel Flarida & PS Whiz On Ice
With a score of 224.5, Sam Flarida and PS Whiz On Ice were Co-Champions in Level 2 of the North American Reining Stakes Open Derby, as well as the Elementa Open Derby. For this win, the team took home a check for $15,028.

The gelding, affectionately known as “Huck,” started his show career in Shawn Flarida’s program. Huck, a 4-year-old son of SG Frozen Enterprize and out of PS A Whizzen Chic, was purchased last year by Cadence Rose Eger, a non pro client of Flarida’s, allowing him to stay in the barn.

While Flarida describes Huck’s personality as “goofy,” he was defintiely all business in the Open Derby. “The run in was really good, I pushed him hard,” said Flarida. “As soon as I loped off to the left, he was just locked into me. He was low headed, he was perfect everywhere. And he stopped huge.”

The rest of the show season for this pair includes the High Roller in Las Vegas in a week and a half, followed by the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Flarida thanked the owners of Huck, as well a his family for being in his corner and for their support.

NARS Open Derby Open Level 2 Co-Champion
Elementa Open Derby Open Level 2 Co-Champion
Elementa Novice Horse Open Champion
Clemerson Barbalho & Gottablessthismess

In his last time to enter the pen before parenthood, Clemerson Barbalho scored a 224.5 to win the North American Reining Stakes Open Derby Level 2 as a co-champion, and the Elementa Open Derby Level 2 as a co-champion.

These wins add $18,060 to Barbalho’s already impressive lifetime earnings of $101,991.

Barbalho rode Gottablessthismess, a 5-year-old gelding by NRHA Five Million Dollar Sire Spooks Gotta Whiz and out of Black Custom Chex, who goes by ‘Blessing.’ Clemerson and his in-laws own the gelding.

“I was kind of surprised and super happy for the score,” said Barbalho. “I didn't know if that would hold into the end, but I'm super happy that it did.”

Barbalho thanked God, his wife, and his in-laws, but had special thanks for his coaches- NRHA Million Dollar Rider Cira Baeck and Gilead Friedman.

“They give me support and help like no other trainer ever has, and I’m so thankful for them,” said Barbalho.

As for future plans? Barbalho plans to have his new baby in the saddle by Christmas time.

NARS Open Derby Level 1 Champion
Elementa Open Derby Level 1 Co-Champion
Kaleigh Argentero & Twomilliondollarchex
Twomilliondollarchex has had a good 2023, and with a win in the North American Reining Stakes Level 1 and a tie for the win of the Elementa Open Derby Level 1, it looks like she will be getting some much-deserved R & R.

“I think she’s done for the year. She’s had a good year, so she’s going to get the rest of the year off,” noted Kaleigh Argentero, who rode the mare to win the two titles with a score of 220.5. The pair also placed in the Level 2 for both derbies, earning a total of $6,754.

“I am very excited about the win today. She was so, so good. She turned really, really big, circled huge, and stopped really good,” Argentero recalled.

Twomilliondollarchex is a 5-year-old mare by Spooks Gotta Whiz out of Dun It For Chex, owned by Pedro Pastor Hernandez. “There is so much special about this mare. She’s so sweet to be around, and is so much fun to show. She’s beautiful and has the pedigree,” Argentero said. “She has everything.”

Argentero works for Fernando Salgado, who won both the NARS and Elementa Level 4 Open derbies. “I thank Fernando, and the owner of this mare, Pedro Hernandez, for giving me the opportunity. I also thank the whole Salgado team, and my husband and family,” she said.

Elementa Open Derby Level 1 Co-Champion
Sumer Opinker & Starlight N Dreams
Prior to the 100X Reining Classic, Starlight N Dreams had lifetime earnings in excess of $58,000, and the goal is to push her above $60,000 in earnings.

On Sunday, the final day of the event, the mare marked a 220.5 to earn the Elementa Open Derby Level 1 Co-Championship. The mare also placed in the Level 2, for total earnings of $1,121, taking her closer to that mark.

At the reins was Sumer Opinker, who was thrilled that she got to show the mare. “She was incredible today. It was a great opportunity to show this mare, and I was so excited,” she said. “It was a run-in pattern, and that’s her thing. You just put your hand on her neck and say, ‘Whoa.’ She’s a lot of fun.”

The 7-year-old mare is by Magnum Chic Dream out of Strike A Star, and is owned by Mike and Blair Mcfarlin. “Her stops are probably my favorite thing about her, but her circles are fun, too, because you can just push her as fast as you want to go and she will try her heart out,” Opinker shared. “I thank Mike and Blair Mcfarlin for giving me the opportunity to ride her. I also thank my boss Nathan Piper, his wife Jean, and the whole team.”

Congratulations Gunny!
Coming into the 100X Reining Classic just shy of being an NRHA Million Dollar Rider, Gunny Mathison had an impressive week- placing quite a few horses in the top ten, and winning a few ancillary classes.

On the last day, in the final hours of the 100X Reining Classic, Mathison scored a 224 on Shes Reddy On Line in the Level 4 Elementa Open Derby, which along with his other winnings, unofficially pushed him over the mark to become NRHA’s newest Million Dollar Rider.

NARS Toyon Ranch Open Mare Power Bonus
Jason Vanlandingham & Gunnabebigtime
Jason Vanlandingham and Tami Nelson’s Gunnabebigtime took the Reserve Championship in the North American Reining Stakes Open Derby and the Elementa Open Derby with a big time score of 229.5. The duo also cinched the Open Mare Power Bonus for an additional $10,200, making their total Open Derby earnings a grand total of $29,311.

Gunnabebigtime is a six-year-old stallion by NRHA Ten Million Dollar Sire Gunnatrashya out of Big Time Jazzy, a dam nominated to the Mare Power Program by Tami Nelson.

Kary Key & Maya Dreamgirl
Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1 [2] & ARC & High Point
Kary Key & Spookadeous
Novice Horse Non Pro Level 3 (2) & Level 2 High Point
Kary Key wrapped up her time at the 100x Reining Classic with great rides and even more wins on two of her horses, Spookadeous and Maya Dreamgirl, scoring a 143 in the Novice Horse Non Pro classes on both horses.

With improvements made from their ride earlier this week, 4-year-old Maya Dreamgirl and Key won the second slate of the Level 1 Novice Horse Non Pro, along with the Level 1 High Point and South Central Affiliate Regional Championship. According to Key, “Maya,” sired by Magnum With A Dream, is really starting to put the pieces together and become a show horse.

“She's been pretty consistent and hasn't done anything bad. I think because I wasn't feeling well, I wasn't riding her all the way through my pattern,” stated Key. “But today, I felt like I fixed all the things that I didn't do right before, and she was right on. She seems very happy to be at this show.”

On Spookadeous, the horse she describes as “Mister Consistent,” Key won the second slate of the Level 3, as well as the High Point in the Level 2. “He went in there and just did everything I asked,” said Key of “Bruce,” a 5-year-old gelding sired by NRHA Two Million Dollar Sire Spooks Gotta Gun.

“He was super chill. I don't know that he could walk any slower than he was walking outside as we were walking around. It was like he thought if he went a little slower, he might get to go back to the barn. But he's been super happy,” she said.

Following the conclusion of the 100X Reining Classic, Key will return to the practice pen to fine-tune some maneuvers, before competing at the Southwest Reining Horse Association Futurity in Ardmore. Key thanked her mother for her support, the entire Brian Bell Performance Horses team, and her incredible horses for all they did that led to her successes this week.

Katie Jedele & Xtra Pop Quiz
Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2 [2] & ARC
Katie Jedele and Xtra Pop Quiz, by NRHA Three Million Dollar Sire Pale Face Dunnit out of Lil Ruf Whiz Quiz, won the South Central Affiliate Regional Championship and and the second slate of the Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2. Their score was a 145, which Jedele was thrilled with.

“It was amazing,” said Jedele. “She was really, really good circling. Her lead changes were fantastic. I think she’s very talented in her turns, so that was one of our fun maneuvers. She always feels really good in the show pen.”

Jedele thanked her trainer, NRHA Million Dollar Rider Casey Hinton, and her parents, who have always supported her despite not being riders themselves.

Cady Shaw & Faceit Sheza Digger
Novice Horse Non Pro Level 3 High Point
Veteran reiner Cady Shaw is proud to be the Novice Horse Non Pro Level 3 High Point at the 100X Reining Classic. She won the title with her new mare Faceit Sheza Digger, a 10-year-old by Pale Face Dunnit and out of TC West Coast Wendi.

“Well my NRHA number is 1915,” said Shaw. “So I’ve been competing in the reining for just a little while.”

Although she had previously competed in the hunter-jumper and cow horse disciplines, Shaw found a home in reining, even venturing into breeding.

Faceit Sheza Digger has a foal in utero, so the immediate future is uncertain. Shaw said, “She’s started getting pretty chubby, so I’m not sure where else we’ll go to show for a while.”

Shaw thanked her trainer, Matt Flarida, and her husband for helping her get here.

Kynley Bell & Snap N Go
Youth 13 + Under [2] & ARC
During the first slate of Youth classes at the 100X Reining Classic, Kynley Bell and Snap N Go marked a 141 to tie for Reserve honors in the Youth 13 & Under. On Saturday, they upped their game, raising their score by a half-point and not only winning the second slate, but also taking the title in the South Central Affiliate Regional Champion!

“Yesterday we had some really good turns, and I wanted to do that again. This mare is really easy to slow down because she likes to go slow, so circles are not a problem for her. On her stops I have to make sure not to pull too much and just let her do it by herself,” Bell shared.

Before going into the pen, Bell’s father, Spence, made sure to tell her to go long in her stops. “I like to flirt with the center marker and it’s not a good habit,” she said.

Bell has been riding Snap N Go for about four years. The 11-year-old mare is by Master Snapper out of Miss Jerry Cat. “At heart she’s just a big old teddy bear,” she said.

Bell added, “I thank my family, my friends, Trenty Harvey and his wife, and everyone else at Trent’s.”

Lily Forzani & Annies Custom Pistol
Youth 13 + Under High Point
Consistency was the key that helped Lily Forzani claim the Skyline Silversmiths high point buckle for the Youth 13 & Under at the 100X Reining Classic.

During the first slate of Youth classes on Saturday, Forzani and Annies Custom Pistol marked a 142 to win the class. On the final day of competition, the pair marked a 141 to finish as Reserve Champions and secure the high point title.

“He was really good today. He turned his corners way better than he did yesterday, and he waited on me,” Forzani shared. “I’m going to just keep working on my corners, and my turns a little bit.”

Annies Custom Pistol is an 11-year-old gelding by Gunner out of KR Anniegityergun. “He’s really fun and a big sweetheart,” Forzani said. “He likes to play around in the pasture.”

Angelina Widmoser & Spooks Golden Tune
Youth 14-18 [2], ARC, & High Point
Unrestricted Youth [2] & High Point
On the final day of competition at the 100X Reining Classic, Angelina Widmoser piloted Spooks Golden Tune to the highest score marked in the Super Duty Covered Arena - at 144.5! That massive score not only won the second slate of the Youth 14 - 18 and Unrestricted Youth, it also helped earn the high point title for both divisions.

If that wasn’t enough, the pair also won the Youth 14-18 for the Sout Central Affiliate Regional Championships!

“We tried our best today. I really liked our stops because she was really tuned in on them. I wouldn’t change anything about it,” Widmoser said. “I’m pretty happy with it.”

Widmosers family purchased the now 5-year-old mare, by Spooks Gotta Whiz out of HA Lenas Tune, at two years old. She was trained by Shauna Larcombe, and Widmoser took over the reins this year.
“She’s been easy to get along with. She’s always in a good mood, and she always listens,” Widmoser said. “She’s laid back, does what she is asked, and tries hard.”

Next stop for the duo? The SWRHA Futurity in Ardmore.

Widmoser added a thank you to her parents.

Isabella Sobral & Frame Draggin
Rookie Youth [2] Tie & High Point
There was a log jam at the top of the placings for the second slate of the Rookie Youth, and Isabella Sobral accounted for 25 percent of it!

That tie for the win was enough to ensure Sobral and Frame Draggin would also win the Skyline Silversmiths high point buckle.

“He was a little more lazy today. We’ve been showing all weekend, and I think today he was just done. Other than that he was the same,” she said.

Sobral added that the one place they could have seen improvement was in her lead changes. “We were a little early, so I’m going to work on that and our stops,” she said.

Frame Draggin is an 11-year-old gelding by Einsteins Revolution out of Coronas Major. “He’s very sweet, and goofy in a way,” Sobral shared.

Sobral made sure to thank Thiago Sobral and Don Byrne.

Hannah Borders & Mega Trash
Rookie Youth [2] Co-Champion
Competing on a horse she’s only been riding for a few months, Hannah Borders tied to win the Rookie Youth [2]. Mega Trash is a 7-year-old gelding by NRHA Nine Million Dollar Sire Gunnatrashya and out of Moonstone Mega.

Having been focused on keeping her horse calm, Borders said it was exciting to get to put everything together and add speed.

“It felt really good to put it all together for a win today,” said Borders, making sure to thank her trainer, Thiago Sobral, and her parents.

Marley Hutchins & TR Silver Step
Rookie Youth [2] Co-Champion
On a 7-year-old mare her family bred and raised, Marley Hutchins & TR Silver Step were part of a four-way tie for the Youth Rookie (2) title with a 138.5. TR Silver Step is a daughter of NRHA Twelve Million Dollar Sire Wimpys Little Step out of Miss Silver Gun, and she had our first foal this year.

Marley said she was nervous for her run on Sunday because of some bobbles she and her mare had in Slate 1, but things went smoother for them in Slate 2.

“It was super fun,” said Marley. “My lead changes were super clean. My favorite part of the run was probably my third stop. She kind of realized that we were going and then went with it and we had a big stop.”

Marley thanked her dad for helping her get where she is.

Josey Frerck & Sweet Gunsof Justice
Rookie Youth [2] Co-Champion
The competition was tough in the second slate of the Rookie Youth, with a four-way tie that included Josey Frerck and her gelding, Sweet Gunsof Justice.

“Carson,” a 9-year-old gelding sired by Smokin Ammo and out of Walla Walla Sweetie, earned more than $52,000 in NRHA competition prior to teaming up with Frerck recently.

“This was our eighth time in the show pen,” said Frerck. “He was a little strong when we first walked in, but he got really good. Our stops were my favorite part.”

According to Frerck, Carson is her favorite horse in the barn because of his sweet personality. For his hard work in Tulsa, the gelding will be rewarded with lots well deserved of peppermints and carrots.

This duo won’t have long before they enter the show pen again, as they’re headed Waco, Texas next weekend to show at The Warm Up Series.

Frerck thanked her trainer, Zak Ellis, for all of his help.

Carter Downey & HA Starlights Chic
Short Stirrup (2), ARC, and High Point Champion
It’s been a successful event for Carter Downey with four new titles, having won both slates of the Short Stirrup as well as the South Central Affiliate Regional Championship for the class and the high point buckle. Carter and Ha Starlights Chic, aka ‘Baron,’ by Starlights Gypsy out of HA Chic A Tune, scored a 143 on Saturday then a 142 on the final day of competition.

When he grows up, Downey wants to be three things: a football player, an engineer, and a horse trainer. He said the horse trainers he most wants to emulate are Andrea Fappani, Casey Deary, Abby Lengel, and his own trainer, Ruben Vandorp.

Downey’s favorite maneuver on Baron is the circles. He said of his horse, “He always likes to eat. He’s always high energy. He’s never tired. He always likes to go, go, go.”

By 100X Reining Classic Press Release